Airtel has come with the biggest leading telecommunication platform in Nigeria today. It has also created an effective place when we talk about the Airtel data plan and internet service provider. According to the information from a reliable source, Airtel has gained second position respect to the subscribers in Nigeria 2019.

it shows that about 0.8 million new subscribers had chosen the Airtel telecommunication service in between the month Nov and Dec 2018. And total increased subscription reached to 21 million in December 2018 as against 20.2 million in November 2018.

On 13thFeb. 2018, Airtel Nigeria has introduced 4g LTE services which brought the highest data speed for better user experiences.  This superfast internet will enable to enjoy the experience through video streaming, fastest internet download, browsing and so on.

In other words, you wouldn’t have to buy individual plans if you want to use the dataplan on your Android handset, iPhone,Blackberry, Windows Phone or computer and smart TV as well. 

So if you want to get a better experience in terms of internet speed to have uninterrupted video streaming and browsing, Airtel Nigeria has no competitor. You can subscribe to the available Airtel data plans. Here are all the data plans and details to get an Airtel subscription.

Airtel Data Plan Prices and Subscription Codes

In the following chart, Airtel avails the recent enjoyable packages and multiple choices of subscriptions for its millions of subscribers. These packages can be used on iPhone, Tablet, Android Phones, PC, and Macbook and on other devices.

Do you want to get started now?  Know your special Airtel plans dialing *141#

Daily or Weekly Plans

Airtel Daily/weekly plans are very useful for those people who need a small amount of data to spend. Below, you will find that the USSD codes are all specified and you can just type out the USSD code on your phone and activate the plan you need.

Validity DaysVolume of DataUSSD ( Codes )Price
1 Day20MB*141*50#N50
1 Day75MB*141*100#N100
3 Days200MB*141*200#N200
7 Days350MB*141*300#N300

If you are a night-crawler then the above plans are totally suited for you. So soakingup all the things that the internet has for you is coming to you in a pocket pinch from Airtel. The highest daily plan ends at N500 that gives you 14 days life span with 750MB of data. If you need an emergency top up then you can always go for the N50 which gets you 20MB for 1 day.

Monthly Data Plans

Airtel also has come with the attractive monthly plans for the people who intend to subscribe monthly basis plan to the internet, the monthly data packages are listed below:

Validity DaysVolume of DataUSSD (Codes)Price
30 Days1.5 GB*141*1000#N1,000
30 Days2.5GB +1GB Night*141*1500#N1,500
30 Days3.5GB*141*2000#N2,000
30 Days4.5GB +1GB Night*141*2500#N2,500
30 Days5.5GB +1GB Night*141*3000#N3,000
30 Days7.5GB +2GB Night*141*4000#N4,000

The highest plan for the monthly package is N4, 000 that gets you 30 days of 7.5GB and 2GB per night. The lowest you get access to is 30 days of 1.5GB for N1000 daily. You can just choose the plan you want and type out the USSD code and activate the plan.

Mega Plans

Not all the users need small and limited data package as per their requirements. Thus Airtel has Planned for those internet users are looking for bigger data plans. The users who need a large amount of data to meet their internet requirement; they must try the Mega data Plans listed below.

Validity DaysVolume of DataUSSD(Codes)Price
30 Days12GB (10GB+2GB Night)*141*5000#N5,000
30 Days25GB*141*10000#N10,000
30 Days40GB*141*15000#N15,000
30 Days60GB*141*20000#N20,000

The ‘Mega Plans’ are for the internet crawlers just like me. If you have a high utility out of the internet and especially file sharing, then you can start with N5, 000 that will get you 12 GB data for 30 days.

The highest you get is N20, 000 which gets you 60GB for 30 Days.

Social Data Plans

The above data plans are all-inclusive. But, here is the best thing, Airtel has Social bundles that get you the data you need via each platform.

Validity DaysVolume of DataUSSD (Codes)PriceDetails
1 Day10MB*948*4#N25This plan gives access to chatting on WhatsApp only.
1 Day

5 Days

25 Days






These plans give access to Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp.
1 Day

1 Day



These plans give access to Instagram only

You can choose from the above list, and find the plan that meets your needs. If you are a frequent WhatsApp user then the WhatsApp bundle is designed exactly for you that starts at N25. I would say, going fo the N100 would give you the best utility that gets you 80MB data for all three platforms; Twitter, WhatsAppand Facebook.

Airtel YouTube Plan

Validity DaysVolume of DataUSSD (Codes)Price
7 Days300MB*323*12#N300
7 Days (1AM-5AM)300MB (This data plan is usable 1AM – 5AM Daily)
30 Days1.5GB + 3GB Night (Night Data is usable 1AM – 5AM Daily)*323*31#N1000

And, if the music is your thing then Airtel also has data plans for YouTube users.  The highest bid will get you 1.5 GB by day and by night 3GB (1am-5am) daily at only N1000. And the pocket pinch plan gets you 300MB for 7 days at N300.

Top Up Bundles (PostpaidPlan)

Well, if you are a secured internet user then the below Post Paid plans are geared help you make the most out of the internet and get all your daily file sharing done in no time.

Validity DaysVolume of DataUSSD (Codes)Price
30 Days1GB*141*11*9#N500
30 Days2GB*141*11*10#N1,000
30 Days4GB*141*11*11#N2,000
30 Days10GB*141*11*12#N5,000

The Postpaid plans are for the secured internet users who need to make sure they are not going to be topping up all the tie. It is also pretty cost effective. You can get 10GB for 30 days (Month End) for N500. And the pocket pinch pricing plan you get is 1GB for Month End (30 Days) at N500.