Instagram is the fastest growing social network in the world, and it has the highest engagement rate. It also helps many brands to thrive all over the world. You can not increase your reach by just having an Instagram profile for your brand. You have to examine, optimize, and grow your audience. You can do this by creating and posting content regularly, but it is not a piece of cake, reaching many people with your posts. 

Upgrading your Instagram account into a business account can easily analyze and track your posts, profile, and stories. In this article, I give you some killer strategies to strike your maximum Instagram reach, and it is very significant to have an Instagram Business Account.  

The Instagram Algorithm 

The reach of your post completely depends on the Instagram algorithm. So it is essential to know the working of the Instagram algorithm. The Instagram algorithm decides where your post will appear on the news feed. Three signals you must know in the algorithm:

Engagement: It indicates the different interactions like commenting, liking, saving, and sharing your post by many people. The higher your engagement rate, there is a higher chance of appearing on your audiences’ explore page. 

Engagement speed: First sign of success is having a high engagement on your posts. You will rank even higher if you get the engagement in quick double time. 

Recency: Newer posts will rank higher than older posts. 

Now we will discuss the reach boosting strategies for Instagram.

  1. Engaging Posts

There are a lot of methods you can use to increase your engagement. Today I’ll give you a couple of tricks that will generate tons of engagement to your posts. 

Contests: Many brands conduct contests on Instagram, asking users to like, comment, or share their posts as an entry requirement. It will increase your engagement, and if you choose the best content, you are guaranteed high engagement. 

Choices/ Questions: Asking questions in your post and asking your followers to answer that question in a comment section. It is one of the easy methods to increase engagement. You can also post two pictures of your product and ask the choices of your followers. 

The great thing is users have spent a long time in the post, and your post will rank higher on their feed. Use these post types only when you want to give a boost level to your engagement.

  1. Right Time to Post

As I mentioned before, the recency and speed of the post are the two important ranking signals. Posting at the right time of the day is an important method to optimize your post for these signals. 

First, you have to decide on your targeted audience. After finding that it is the time to analyze the right time for posting. Post at least 3 to 5 times a day. Continue this over a week and vary your post time each day. After this test, go to the Instagram business manager and analyze your post reach. 

  1. Video

The fastest-growing content medium of the internet is videos, and its popularity continues to increase year after year. 

Photos are known to receive more likes, but more than that, videos get double the number of comments. Comments are always known as real engagement. Another important thing is videos will make users spend more time on your post. If you make your followers spend more time on your post, it will help to increase your reach. 

  1. Hashtags

Content that is tagged with hashtags will reach more people than content without hashtags. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in your post. Try to use as many hashtags as possible also with the combination of these types of hashtags. 

  • Relevant trending hashtags
  • The most popular hashtags in your niche 
  • Branded hashtags

These will increase the chance of being seen by many people. 

  1. Cross post 

When you post something on Instagram, you can also share them on other social media platforms. Instagram automatically allows you to do this on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The most commonly used method is cross-posting Instagram to Facebook. 

If you cross-post everything, all your social feeds will look the same, and you will find the same audience on Insta. Because they already know you somewhere else. 

  1. User-Generated Content

This content is mostly created by your followers and published under your branded hashtag or on your post. It will create a strong bond with your followers, prove your reliability, trust, and connection. 

  1. Instagram Ads

Instagram ads display your posts in the news feed of people who are not following you, and it instantly increases the reach of your post. By using two ways, you can run your Instagram ads. They are 

  • By hitting the promote button underneath your post
  • Using the Facebook Business manager
  1. Impressions 

If your impression increases, then reach will also increase quickly. They will increase the engagement for your post. The best method to boost your profile is to buy Instagram reach for instant engagement on your content.

  1. stories

One of the hottest growing features of Instagram is stories. They will appear at the top of your profile and last for 24 hours. If you post more attractive stories that will easily grab the attention of people and increase your reach. 


These are the top strategies to increase your Instagram reach. When you fully understand the algorithm, you can create a post that will hit your reach. So this is the best time to create, test, analyze, and optimize your post to increase your Instagram reach.