WhatsApp marketing is the latest trend that is proving to be advantageous for many enterprises. And, why would it not be when the app has more than 1.5 billion users across the globe? With active users checking the app more than 20 times a day, the platform is one of the best to promote a brand and expand the customer base.

WhatsApp has two apps available for users. One is the regular app that was released around 9 years ago, while another is an app exclusively developed for business enterprises. Named WhatsApp Business, the app has features that help enterprises interact with customers and the target audience.

But what exactly should enterprises do to promote and market their product using WhatsApp Business? The first thing to do is to use a valid phone number, download the app and create an account.

The customers will need to know that the enterprise has a WhatsApp account and that they can use it to communicate directly with the support staff. If the enterprise already has a database with customers’ information, make sure to notify them about this new development. The last thing a business would want is to be blocked by a customer. Acquiring a clear idea about WhatsApp business pricing can also be helpful for a business owner.

Get the news across to customers and encourage them to save the phone number in their contact list. This makes it easier and effective to use the secure private chat and have one-to-one interaction with customers. Enterprises can send messages as text, images, videos, and documents to customers.

Reach the Target Audience

  • Building a database is an essential step to use WhatsApp for business. Once the enterprise has a list of users’ information, the next step is to establish personal contact with them.
  • It is important to not invade the privacy of customers or make them feel uncomfortable. Create a persona for the WhatsApp account so customers have an idea about whom they are interacting with.
  • Even if there is a different person (s) handling the account, creating an image goes a long way in assuring customers.

Use WhatsApp Business API

  • Medium to large scale enterprises have a vast database and interacting with users using an app can get restrictive and complex.
  • To facilitate such enterprises WhatsApp provides an API to integrate the app with the database of the enterprise.
  • WhatsApp API integration enables enterprises to send and receive messages through a cloud platform.
  • Enterprises will need to request early access to use the API integration services. The Whatsapp Business Pricing depends on the type of messages sent to users through the platform. 

WhatsApp Story Feature

  • The story feature introduced by WhatsApp is an interesting way to announce new product launches, deals, and discounts without disturbing the users by sending them personal messages.
  • The text, photos, and videos uploaded as a story will stay live for 24 hours. By announcing special offers using this feature will generate an interest in the users and also create a sense of hurry to make a purchase before the 24-window expires.
  • Taking orders is easy as users can simply reply to a particular image/ video of the story asking to book or confirm their order of the product.
  • The feature can also be used to provide additional insights about the brand. Sharing behind-the-scenes videos, tidbits about the business, etc. will keep the customer’s attention engaged. 

Attractive Messaging and Offers

  • The text messaging in WhatsApp doesn’t have to be boring. Use bold, italics, and strikethrough features to highlight the keywords and prices.
  • Send high-quality images and videos related to the product. Attach brochures with the list of other products and services, user manuals, etc.
  • Emojis add certain playfulness to the messages and can be used if they serve the purpose of the promotion.
  • Enterprises will have to remember that users do not like to receive numerous promotional messages. Planning the promotions strategically will ensure that users are not spammed yet stay updated about the products.
  • Use Broadcast lists and labels, create Groups to categorize customers and send them targeted promotional messages based on their preferences.

24*7 Customer Support

  • The end to end encryption allows enterprises and customers to have secure one-to-one private conversations using the app.
  • By using automated replies and chatbots, enterprises can provide customers with a 24*7 service even during the non-working hours.
  • This will create a positive impact on the customers and they will feel encouraged to buy more products and stay loyal to the enterprise.

Compared to previous times, customers are willing to interact more with enterprises. Making use of this will help enterprises build a strong customer base.