If you are interested in knowing what will be the top 10 digital marketing trend for the year 2019, then go through this article. The information we have collected here is sourced from the top digital marketing agencies.

1. Data synchronization of digital marketing services through different mediums:

In the year 2019, you will see a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in which all the digital media are used optimally to ensure better brand recognition. This strategy differs markedly from the multi-channel strategy as it depends on a common unified approach. In this kind of strategy, you will find that digital marketing companies use a single content and launch it through various platforms to ensure continuity in the approach. It will make the consumer interaction with the brand more engaging.

2. A more personalized approach in the digital marketing campaign:

Digital marketing companies are increasingly turning to highly targeted marketing campaigns that will allow them to engage with customers on a more personal basis. For this, you will find that companies are increasingly using data mining and analytics to know more about their targeted audience. The information mined and analyzed is then used to launch an effective marketing campaign on the digital platform.

3. Effectively using voice search in digital marketing:

If you look at the research data of experts in digital marketing, you will find that more and more people are using the voice search to find out about any product or services online. This increased use of voice search by the viewers to search something online has prompted the digital marketing services to make use of conversational language and long-tailed keywords for better ranking of the website in any search engine related organic list.

4. Targeting audience on the mobile phone in a digital marketing campaign:

You will find that most people use their smartphones to access the Internet. This is forcing companies to offer marketing services on different platforms. If you are using ‘only channel marketing campaign’, then it is important that the experience across different platforms for your targeted audience should be seamless. If there is any lag of time for loading any page, it will have a negative impact on your brand. Therefore, you should use accelerated mobile pages to provide a blazing fast browsing experience for your customers.

5. Content marketing will undergo a radical change:

Digital marketing experts have come to realize that flooding the inbox of your targeted audience with regular content will not produce the desired result. They now believe that content marketing is just one of the strategies they need to follow with a combination of others to achieve their objectives. Therefore, in the future, you will see that many marketing companies will publish high-quality contents less frequently so that their audience to not get overwhelmed with excess information. They will also try to target the same content through the different mediums at multiple intervals of time to get the maximum eyeballs.

6. Messenger marketing will come centre stage:

Messenger marketing (it is a new kid on the block!) will come to an age in 2019. You will find that this medium for digital marketing will soon overtake the email-marketing format. Several platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, as well as iMessenger have enabled digital marketing companies to engage more effectively with their targeted audience thereby improving their ROI significantly. When you use social media marketing strategy, it generates a feeling of urgency in the mind of your targeted audience. To use this feeling of urgency for conversion, you should strengthen it through social media validation. This killer combination will help you to improve the conversion rate dramatically. Additionally, messenger marketing will also allow you the chance to interact with your audience to get some feedback regarding your marketing campaign. This will allow you to tweak the campaign to get the best possible result

7. Greater interaction through chatbots:

If you look at the use of chatbots by Internet users, you will see that it has not grown as fast as most experts predicted. However, with the improvement in data analytics and refinement in machine language application, chatbots are acting more like humans every day. This greater engagement capacity of chatbots allows you to improve the user experience manifold, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

8. The concept of customer journey will get more importance:

The earlier funnel approach digital marketing services use to give only bits and pieces of information regarding your company. To give a comprehensive idea about what your company can offer, SEO experts are now it is working on the concept of the customer’s journey. In other words, digital marketing experts are now combining different marketing channels to give a complete picture of the product and services it is offering for sale.

9. The convergence of offline and online contents:

You will also observe that digital marketing companies will consolidate their online and off-line marketing strategies. This could include store visit measurement and buying data along with loyalty card sales. All this information is fed into the analytics to figure out the best way to improve the conversion rate through highly personalized digital marketing campaign in collaboration with the content specialist, influencers, and publishers.

10. Increased use of augmented reality:

Companies are increasingly using virtual reality to provide a better understanding of the product or services of a brand. One example of such a marketing campaign is about paint companies who are offering applications through which you can create your own home model. Your audiences can their own homes and paint it with different colours virtually to figure out which one is the best suit their tastes.