Today TikTok marketing campaigns started for newcomers in the field of the influencer marketing industry. Moreover, TikTok seems to look like the sweetest kid on the social media platform, which has downloaded by 1.5 billion times. Now, TikTok is making one of the most popular platforms globally that fastly helps to grow the user base of younger millennials and Gen Zers tremendously. 

10 TikTok marketing campaigns explain how useful the brands can get by using TikTok influencers.

TikTok campaigns that give out the perfect result,


#BOORITO CHALLENGE means an annual offer for Halloween that provides food at a reduced price for customers who order them in a weird outfit. The challenge defines posting the video displaying the before, and after Halloween suit transformations by combining it with the customized sound effects Chipotle made for the campaign. 

The top five posts obtain TikTok likes who used these #Boorito and #Contest tags on their challenge; they also give their winner free burritos for an entire year.

Some of the influencers who took part in this sponsored ad campaigns are Brittany Broski, Jiffpom, and Zach King.


#TOOSICKTOBESICK CHALLENGE, It is said to be first on TikTok with the same form, using their creators to promote with a counter product. Mucinex challenges its users to transform with transitions, which shows a quick, smooth change to their viewers. To participate in this challenge, users need to post a video changing from being “too sick” to “so sick” and also add the hashtag #TooSickToBeSick to promote their cough medicine. Also, it successfully generated 889 million views. 

Mucinex partnered with the four influencers for the campaign, where Jayden Croes scored up to 501K likes.


The DON’T CALL ME ANGEL promotional campaign on TikTok involves around the 15 influencers in the marketing team, where they would be performing skit or dance to the lead on the film’s soundtrack. Charles Angles seem to be one of the successful influencer campaigns on entertainment brands. 

The #CharliesAngelsUnit earned around 4.2 billion views, where 129.2K TikTok users uploaded this video using the feature song from the film.


TikTok users can use a hashtag challenge of #OHYEAHCHRISTMAS to win a price of $10,000. Thus, users were motivated to post a video of themselves enjoying the hashtag’s holiday spirit for a chance to win. 

The campaign highlighted the rapper, Li Jon, along with the brand mascot. Also, this target the younger group of audience by marketing on TikTok. Over 60% of the users in the US are around 16 to 24 years eagerly reach out.   


Hashtag Challenge Plus allows its users to shop for the products connected with the marketing campaigns via an app. It is displaying in the “Explore” tab that features in-app where campaign products can acquire within TikTok. The videos relevant to the #TransformationUrDorm tags has viewed 875 million times. Kroger partnered with the four influencers for the campaign and collectively got 13.8 million followers. 


Fitness influencers perform exceptionally well with social marketing that commands substantial authority and popularity on Instagram. Gymshark has 2.9 million followers on its brand Instagram account. The brand planned to transfer their focus on the younger audience.

Gymshark also announced 66 Days as Change Your Life Challenge for its users by picking a personal goal by taking pictures of their progress before and after photos. This competition also promised the winner a year’s supply of Gymshark goods.


Walmart Influencer marketing is the biggest brand in the world looking at TikTok to market their products, which turns their revenue profitably.

#DealDropDance generated 3.6 billion views on the videos that included the hashtags, where it engaged the GenZ audience and brands by the visually appealing concept.


TikTok famous influencer Kristen Hancher partnered with the beauty brand TooFaced, used the hashtag #toofacedpartner where the influencers posted the videos of themselves making a regular makeup showing the before and after their demonstrations.

The video’s success mainly depends on the fans who supported your brand by using your campaign, which ultimately makes your video feed go viral by getting TikTok likes that boost popularity among the competitors’ brands. Creativity and the ability to produce high-quality content is the secret of success to increase the engagement rate!


Calvin Klein uses TikTok marketing to enhance their online presence as organically as possible. 

#MyCalvins stars three famous personalities questioned for their brands where they have produced around 22 videos. 


The set of Younger generations, Gen Z, and Millennials comes with many gamers on TikTok’s platform, and the #Fortnite has 14.3 billion people on this platform.

EA works on TikTok to advertise a lot of games such as Apex Legends.